teen authors journal interview

Teen Authors Journal Interview

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For the past few days I’ve been working hard actually getting my latest Writers’ Corner video up, but there’s a catch. It’s not just a Writers’ Corner video, it’s also something else. Something wonderful and amazing. Also it’s a Teen Authors Journal interview! Recently, Melissa from the writing website Teen Authors Journal, contacted me for […]

Suzy Q

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Happy Halloween everyone! Or, well, happy Halloween season, I suppose. To celebrate the season, I’ve released a new story titled Suzy Q. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, though I’m not sure whether I like the costumes, candy, or fear-casting more; it’s all just so much fun! Especially scaring people. Speaking of which… Suzy […]

Live on KPVI

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Alright everyone, so I have some exciting news! Want to hear it? Can’t wait to hear it? Great, because I’m going to tell you. No, I swear I will. Any moment now…okay, I will now. I, Noah Barfield, have appeared for the first time on TV! On Wednesday, September the 28th, at almost 7 A.M. […]

Now in Barnes and Noble

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Alright everyone, I have some pretty great news! Since I got published in late January of this year, everyone involved in Legend Land has just been tirelessly pushing the huge boulder known as “progress”, and now we’re starting to get some traction. I am very pleased to announce…no, okay, no. I am unbelievably ecstatic to […]

Speaking at the Miles City Library

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Here at Ark Storm we have some real special news for everyone! Our resident teen author, Noah Barfield, will be speaking at the Miles City Library in Miles City, Montana! He’ll be speaking on July 15th from 2 PM to 3 PM, on commitment and what it takes to be an author. Noah will be […]

Writing Fear and Death

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I know, I know: what a wonderfully positive and uplifting title. It has to be done however, and I fully intend on making a positive, happy, video next week. But this week in Writers’ Corner, teen author Noah Barfield will be talking about how one not only goes about writing fear and death in your […]

Legend Land is Live

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Hey everyone, this is teen author Noah Barfield telling you: LEGEND LAND IS LIVE! Oh my god everyone I just…I can’t even right now. I don’t know what I can’t even. I don’t know. Okay, deep breaths. What I’m here to say is that my novel, Legend Land, the behemoth of a novel I slaved over for over […]

Cover Art of Legend Land

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Welcome to Ark Storm‘s latest post about Legend Land, mainly, the cover art of Legend Land! If you couldn’t tell by the youthful exuberance expressed in that exclamation point, I am very excited about the it! This post might end completely in exclamation points. Well, maybe not. Doesn’t it look beautiful though? The correct answer […]

Fine Editing and Cover Art

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We all know you like to stay updated with the latest happenings with our 17 year old resident writer, Noah Barfield, and all of his works; with that burning desire of yours in mind, here’s our newest video on Legend Land’s fine editing and cover art! Well, rather, here’s a video saying that the fine […]

Music as a Writing Tool

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It’s your lucky day; our 17 year old resident writer, Noah Barfield, is here to talk to you about music as a writing tool. That may sound weird, music as a writing tool, and…well, it is. We’re not going to lie here, we’re not really sure what Noah is doing with this one; he talks […]