speaking at the hurricane library

Speaking At The Hurricane Library

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We told you about it. We even made fliers for it. What am I referring to? You know what it is. My speaking event! Speaking at the Hurricane library was incredibly fun! Several people attended, and I had a blast sharing what I know. Though we couldn’t sell books in the library proper, we sold them in the parking lot. This is pretty standard practice; we’ve gotten quite used to it.



While I was speaking at the Hurricane library, I decided to discuss more than just commitment to your craft. I also went into a bit of detail about the particular publishing process I went through as a teen author. The room was big, and they gave me a microphone to use. Though I commonly have to speak loud at events, this was an exception.

There were some introductions before the speech started. Though once I got rolling, nobody interrupted. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy speaking to writing teens: they know how hard it is to transition from writing to speaking. And we writers write, from our houses, behind locked doors. But if we wanted to be in the limelight, we would have become actors. Recording my videos has helped me speak, and having such great audiences has been beneficial too. But not all writers have those advantages, and as I spoke, the room fell still. Except when people began laughing hysterically at my jokes. I took it as a good sign.

Overall, the speech went well, and I had a great time! Once I finished discussing commitment and the publishing process,  we had a Q&A session. There were a great many insightful questions that surprised me, and that I enjoyed answering. People came out of their shells, and the Q&A session lasted almost as long as the speech did! I think everyone had a great time and there were plenty of smiles all around. Afterward, we sold our books in the parking lot. And I smiled the whole way back home.

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