chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 of Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God is up and running! Technically it was up last Friday, but I’m going to start doing posts after the weekend. Gives people a chance to read it before I tell them about it.

In chapter 7 we get to see Namonai and Wikolia work together to fight the boar god, Kamapua’a. There’s a lot of action and some nice interaction between two fundamentally different characters. We also get to observe Namonai’s humanity! When it surfaces, it’s poignant. It just remains hidden most of the time. This chapter has good balance, and I hope you enjoy!

The character guide is up to date, as usual. And check back on Friday, June 2nd for Chapter 8!

Link to Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God:

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