Legend Land

Chapter 12

chapter 12

Chapter 12 of Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God is now up! Okay, it’s been running for a while. Soon, you’ll be getting updates on the new Nameless God chapters I’m putting out. I know, you’re just as excited as I am. Wooh!

But what’s been happening in Nameless God? Well, let’s see here. Just lemme flip back through the old chapters, and…there we go! Chapter 12 is where Namonai meets the Last Brigade, a resistance movement in Malor attempting to overthrow the queen. In this chapter, you meet the leader of the Last Brigade, and get to see Namonai (and crew) get sucked into the middle of what could be a full out war. Fun stuff guys.

I cordially invite you to read ahead to chapter 13 if you like. Or, if you want to wait for the post (for some reason), then here’s a bit of what to expect! In chapter 13, you get to see Namonai and crew do a mission for the Last Brigade. Some of the group really don’t agree that this is a good idea, and this sows the seeds for discontent. Ooh, drama!

The character guide is up to date, as usual. And check back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new parts to each chapter!

Link to Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God: https://www.wattpad.com/story/104462845-legend-land-tale-of-the-nameless-god

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