In Norse mythology, the world tree, Yggdrasil, connects nine worlds, keeping them in place. Similarly, Ark-Storm seeks to connect the different worlds of creativity. Creativity is diverse and comes about in many forms, and Ark-Storm’s goal is to manage and promote that creativity, however it is expressed.

We understand at Ark-Storm that people’s creative needs range infinitely wide, and while we could not possibly encompass all of those desires, we do our best to provide a wide selection of creative material to enjoy. Rather than allowing ourselves to be contained within one section of the creative universe, we pick from all the sources that feed into it.

Here you will find novels, media works and assorted short stories, among other things. We seek to be unique, fluid and changing; we understand that these are modern, shifting times, and like to follow that curve, while still doing our best to provide quality material. Readers and viewers, we believe, should be kept engaged as much as possible, and that is our goal here: to engageĀ you. To keep you actively engaged and participating in an ever-growing collection of works and materials. Our goal here at Ark-Storm is to make these worlds of creativity as enjoyable as possible, and we hope that you join us in that quest.