Short Stories

Short stories are not books. If you wanted novels, check out our Books section. No, short stories are tightly packaged delights that intend to create a whirlwind of emotions in a very short period of time. That means they should pique your interest and get you engaged, and leave you either satisfied or wanting more at the end. Here you can see snippets of some of those amazing short stories, collections of short stories and even free ones! We enjoy keeping our readers engaged and entertained, and no large collection full of variety is complete without a few free things, right?

Additionally, as short stories commonly take less time to write (there are exceptions to the rule of course), you might find a larger and wider selection here. While not necessarily taking requests, we always appreciate your input and feedback, and generally just love hearing from you. So feel free to contact us if there’s something you would like to see; we always appreciate your feedback and input.


Our Short Stories:

Sonny: Zombies. Need there be anything else said? Here’s the link to one of our amazing stories:

Blind Jaguar: Existential! Packed with symbolism! Mildly depressing! All these and more are proper adjectives for Blind Jaguar, so go and check it out! Click here to go to existential-crisis wonderland:

Teddy: If this isn’t short, intense and the epitome of a short story then I don’t know what is. But no, seriously…could someone tell me? Click here for brief intensity:

Suzy Q: A perfect story to get in the mood for the Halloween season, or if you just feel like getting freaked out. Or if you just want to really freak out someone you know (we’re not judging). And one of the best things: it’s still free! Even though it’s the longest story to be posted yet on Ark Storm, this short story is still completely free! Click here for spine-chilling terror: