Creativity, as Oxford Dictionaries states, is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Many do not realize this, but all people exhibit creativity in one way or another. And that is because there are many forms of creativity and self-expression.

One such creative outlet is through the medium of writing. Authors of all types and writing styles take time to express themselves through the written word. Most participate in this exercise because it is enjoyable, therapeutic, or both. Then we have the select few who would like to take their artistic expression into the commercial space and become professional writers.

However, when they try to make the transition from writing purely for enjoyment over to writing for a living, most experience barriers or challenges that they never expected. Ensuring proper story arc and character development now become imperative and these budding professional writers have to focus more on outlining and story structure.

Does this sound familiar?

Want to know something? You are not alone.

Our Creative Director and in-house Literary Consultant, Noah Barfield, took the same journey and experienced many of those same challenges. He has traversed the gap, overcome those challenges and became a successful, published author. And he did so by the age of 18.

Noah has continued to write many short stories and a companion series to his original novel. And he records and produces literary instructional videos designed to help the writing community.

Noah continues to be a success because he has developed a system that has allowed him to plan out his writing. This covers all writing, from books to the scripts for his videos. So this system has been ran through the gauntlet and continues to produce consistent results.

We know that many of you want to make the transition to being a professional author. And we know that with effective guidance and structure that this process is much smoother and simpler to accomplish.

So, we have taken Noah’s base system and created a program called Launchpad. This program is for those of you who want to become professional writers. It will help you to develop your stories and allow them to progress from where they are, to where you want your story to be.

Becoming a professional author can definitely be a daunting task to tackle alone. Launchpad gives you a system to work through and a guide that has been through the process and knows it very well. You will not have to take this journey by yourself.

Through Launchpad, you will learn many of the ins and outs of the publishing process while improving your writing and receiving creative edits. The goal of Launchpad is ensure that you are well-informed afterward and have a story that you’re proud of. Additionally, your finished product, at the end of the program, will be one that you can confidently submit to publishers, or go through the self-publishing process with.


Contact us today to setup an introductory call and see what Launchpad can do for you.