Creepy characters

Creepy Characters

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Alright, so my posts have been more sporadic as of late. That has partially been due to the time of the year, and partially due to my workload. Also, partially, because posts got bumped down on my priority list. However, they are high up on that list once again! This week I just posted a […]

Making the Supernatural Scary

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Happy Halloween everyone! Or, rather, happy belated Halloween. October 31st has always had a special place in my heart, and I’m proud to say that translates into my Writers’ Corner videos. Well this Writers’ Corner video isn’t just about Halloween; it’s also about making the supernatural scary. What do I mean exactly by “making the […]

Suzy Q

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Happy Halloween everyone! Or, well, happy Halloween season, I suppose. To celebrate the season, I’ve released a new story titled Suzy Q. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, though I’m not sure whether I like the costumes, candy, or fear-casting more; it’s all just so much fun! Especially scaring people. Speaking of which… Suzy […]

Cover Art of Legend Land

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Welcome to Ark Storm‘s latest post about Legend Land, mainly, the cover art of Legend Land! If you couldn’t tell by the youthful exuberance expressed in that exclamation point, I am very excited about the it! This post might end completely in exclamation points. Well, maybe not. Doesn’t it look beautiful though? The correct answer […]

Halloween Special

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Halloween may have come and gone, but our Writer’s Corner Halloween Special is here to stay! On YouTube, that is. And here on of course. Because our 17 year old resident writer, Noah Barfield, loves Halloween so much, he just had to do a special on it! Hence our Halloween special, in case any […]


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Sonny is a short story written from the first-person perspective, mostly fueled by watching and reading too many zombie-related works. Given in a narrative style in the first-person, this particular short story seeks to introduce a cold, realistic edge to the world of zombies, similar in manner as how H.G. Wells did with extraterrestrial invasion. […]