Making Characters Suffer

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Alright, so I’ve already covered topics in Writers’ Corner like what if you suck, subplots, etc. This week I’m moving on to making characters suffer. Mwahaha! I mean…this is an incredibly important writing skill that you shouldn’t take any enjoyment in. Yes, that’s it. In all seriousness, though, making characters suffer is actually a very […]

Suzy Q

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Happy Halloween everyone! Or, well, happy Halloween season, I suppose. To celebrate the season, I’ve released a new story titled Suzy Q. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, though I’m not sure whether I like the costumes, candy, or fear-casting more; it’s all just so much fun! Especially scaring people. Speaking of which… Suzy […]

Writing Fear and Death

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I know, I know: what a wonderfully positive and uplifting title. It has to be done however, and I fully intend on making a positive, happy, video next week. But this week in Writers’ Corner, teen author Noah Barfield will be talking about how one not only goes about writing fear and death in your […]

Legend Land is Live

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Hey everyone, this is teen author Noah Barfield telling you: LEGEND LAND IS LIVE! Oh my god everyone I just…I can’t even right now. I don’t know what I can’t even. I don’t know. Okay, deep breaths. What I’m here to say is that my novel, Legend Land, the behemoth of a novel I slaved over for over […]


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In the most recent addition to the Weekly Inspirations 17 year old writer Noah Barfield talks about intensity. You know, being intense? The art of intensity? Yes, that. Because of the things he’s been watching and reading, intensity has just been continuously thrown at his face for about a week now, so Noah felt like […]


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Enter the brief and intense world of Anne in Teddy. The short story Teddy is written in the third-person point of view, but still seeks to allow readers to experience the story through Anne’s eyes with specific and deliberate use of language, word choice and imagery. One of Noah’s shorter works, he views this as the embodiment of […]