authortube newbie tag

Authortube Newbie Tag

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Alright, yes, I know, I know. I missed a week. C’mon guys, let’s just forget about this and all…wait, what did you say? You need something extra special to mend the hole I tore in your heart? Well fine. My newest Writers’ Corner video is my Authortube newbie tag, introducing myself to the Authortube community […]

teen authors journal interview

Teen Authors Journal Interview

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For the past few days I’ve been working hard actually getting my latest Writers’ Corner video up, but there’s a catch. It’s not just a Writers’ Corner video, it’s also something else. Something wonderful and amazing. Also it’s a Teen Authors Journal interview! Recently, Melissa from the writing website Teen Authors Journal, contacted me for […]

Live on KPVI

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Alright everyone, so I have some exciting news! Want to hear it? Can’t wait to hear it? Great, because I’m going to tell you. No, I swear I will. Any moment now…okay, I will now. I, Noah Barfield, have appeared for the first time on TV! On Wednesday, September the 28th, at almost 7 A.M. […]

Being Interviewed

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Hey everyone; it’s me, Noah Barfield, and this week in Writer’s Corner I talk about being interviewed. As I’ve said in the video, in the video description and comments, I think knowing how to act and being prepared for being interviewed is incredibly important, especially for young writers. I was recently interviewed in person by […]

Interview with Jo

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Hey everyone, it’s 17 year old writer Noah Barfield, here to tell you something special; I’m here to tell you about my interview with Jo. Yes, that’s right, there’s another interview of me to check out! Before, when I was creating responses and planning for my interview with Keturah (found here:, I decided I […]

Guest Abigail

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Our resident 17 year old writer, Noah Barfield, is here with special guest Abigail. Our guest Abigail will talking about fan fiction: the things you should do, the things you shouldn’t, some tips, things she looks for in a fan fiction, as well as just explaining fan fiction in general, for those of you who […]

Guest Neal Akasaka

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We have a special treat for you today! Our 17 year old resident writer Noah Barfield has a fellow author on writer’s corner, our guest Neal Akasaka! Noah has never felt that authors get together enough to inspire and aid others in their quest to become writers, and to just talk about writing in general. […]

Interview with Keturah

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We have something a little different for you today! Our resident 17 year old author, Noah Barfield, was recently interviewed by a nice blogger lady by the name of Keturah. As this is Noah’s first interview as an author, we felt it was quite special and worth sharing. Check out the link below: Doing […]