A Successful Kickstarter

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Yes, we did it, a successful Kickstarter! It’s amazing and wonderful and so fantastic it cannot, ironically, be expressed in words. That’s alright, because our resident 17 year old writer, Noah Barfield, is here to express his happiness about a successful Kickstarter. He’s not here to gloat, he is definitely not here to do that; […]

Young Writers Project

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For one, forgive the lack of the apostrophe in the title between the “r” and the “s” in “Writers”, in “Young Writers Project“. If I had put one in, the apostrophe wouldn’t have been included in the page URL, and our SEO would have had a panic attack. So, sorry all you grammar fanatics, there’s […]

The Final 3

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This is Ark Storm’s best 17 year old writer, Noah Barfield, and this will probably be my last post for a couple of days. “Why?! We love all your posts! And your videos!” Yes, yes, I know that, and thank you. However, I’m in the final 3 now, and things are going to get…hectic. “The […]

4 Days Left on Kickstarter

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Hey everyone, it’s me, Noah Barfield, Ark Storm’s local author. I’m here to talk about something in a more serious, personal note; my Kickstarter, or more accurately, the fact that I have 4 days left on Kickstarter. As the title of this article, and the last sentence, tells you, I only have 4 days left […]

Kickstarter Support Group

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Our 17 year old author Noah Barfield is going to talk about the Kickstarter support group; something he’s throwing together in order to help get the word out there about our Kickstarter, and about everyone else’s Kickstarter as well! Because we’re not the only ones with dreams, and we love making dreams happen as much […]

Kickstarter and the Ripple Effect

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In Ark Storm’s newest video our resident 17 year old author Noah Barfield is going to talk about Kickstarter and the ripple effect. What’s the ripple effect? Watch the video to find out! I’m also pretty sure there are philosophy classes on it somewhere too. Or is that the butterfly effect?…   Emotionally touched? Of […]

The Backstory of Legend Land

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Some things are shrouded in mystery, forever obscured in the fog of being an enigma. Other things don’t have to be. Our 17 year old author Noah Barfield is here to give you the backstory of Legend Land; all the work behind, the process and the time spent making it amazing. Here’s the backstory of […]

Legend Land Character Summary

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Think of it, a world where 17 year old author Noah Barfield gives you a Legend Land character summary, briefly describing what inspired the characters in Legend Land and what makes them unique. Well, you don’t just have to imagine it, such a world now exists in Ark Storm’s newest YouTube video!   Feel like […]

Legend Land Synopsis

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Ever wanted to hear Noah give you a Legend Land synopsis in his actual voice, with his actual voice? Well he’s doing it just for you, and all those lucky enough to have found our YouTube channel! Listen with rapt attention as he gives a brief summary of his action/fantasy novel, Legend Land, without completely […]

Kickstarter Rewards

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Perhaps you were laboring under the illusion that you would be supporting us on Kickstarter for nothing in return; well, labor no longer! Eclectic writer Noah Barfield is here to go over and explain all of our Kickstarter rewards in his trademark, smooth voice. There’s sure to be something for everyone in our Kickstarter rewards, […]