Legend Land is Live

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Hey everyone, this is teen author Noah Barfield telling you: LEGEND LAND IS LIVE! Oh my god everyone I just…I can’t even right now. I don’t know what I can’t even. I don’t know. Okay, deep breaths. What I’m here to say is that my novel, Legend Land, the behemoth of a novel I slaved over for over […]

Cover Art of Legend Land

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Welcome to Ark Storm‘s latest post about Legend Land, mainly, the cover art of Legend Land! If you couldn’t tell by the youthful exuberance expressed in that exclamation point, I am very excited about the it! This post might end completely in exclamation points. Well, maybe not. Doesn’t it look beautiful though? The correct answer […]

Sneak Peak of Scarlett

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Our resident writer, 17 year old author Noah Barfield, is going to give you a sneak peak of Scarlett, one of his main characters. You lucky duck. Now who is Scarlett? Amnesiac. Warrior. Student. Criminal (to be fair, that last one hasn’t been proven). Fiery and hot-headed, loaded with sarcasm and dealing with an annoying […]