Major Writing Fears

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Writer’s have to deal with a lot of things: story arcs, character development, world building, and the never-ending search for motivation (and coffee). Teen writer Noah Barfield understands this (perhaps a little too well?…), which is why this week in Writer’s Corner he has decided to outline the 3 major writing fears almost every writer […]

Cover Art of Legend Land

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Welcome to Ark Storm‘s latest post about Legend Land, mainly, the cover art of Legend Land! If you couldn’t tell by the youthful exuberance expressed in that exclamation point, I am very excited about the it! This post might end completely in exclamation points. Well, maybe not. Doesn’t it look beautiful though? The correct answer […]


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Sonny is a short story written from the first-person perspective, mostly fueled by watching and reading too many zombie-related works. Given in a narrative style in the first-person, this particular short story seeks to introduce a cold, realistic edge to the world of zombies, similar in manner as how H.G. Wells did with extraterrestrial invasion. […]