Suzy Q

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Happy Halloween everyone! Or, well, happy Halloween season, I suppose. To celebrate the season, I’ve released a new story titled Suzy Q. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, though I’m not sure whether I like the costumes, candy, or fear-casting more; it’s all just so much fun! Especially scaring people. Speaking of which… Suzy […]

Third Person Limited POV

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First person POV was all the rage last week in Writers’ Corner, but this week Noah has something different: third person limited POV! Yes, it is actually different; the POVs have completely different styles, pros, cons, and tips that accompany them. Speaking of which, for his latest video, Noah gives 5 tips on writing in […]


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Enter the brief and intense world of Anne in Teddy. The short story Teddy is written in the third-person point of view, but still seeks to allow readers to experience the story through Anne’s eyes with specific and deliberate use of language, word choice and imagery. One of Noah’s shorter works, he views this as the embodiment of […]

Blind Jaguar

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Initially conceived for the purposes of proving Noah’s skill in the written word, Blind Jaguar soon became something much more, both to him and others. Blind Jaguar remains, to him, one of his most unique pieces, simply because it is written completely out of his comfortable range and writing style. Reviewers and readers alike have agreed that […]