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Since my last post, I have since moved and am currently staying with my grandparents. However, I recorded this video before I left New Mexico. Now you get to enjoy the WIP Tag! First off, what’s a WIP Tag? Well, WIP stands for: Work In Progress. Now that I think about it, that was pretty […]

chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God is up and running! But, yes, I realize it’s a day late. And yes, I am doing something new concerning my publishing schedule. Just hold your horses and let me explain. Though if you don’t have any horses, now is the time to buy them. […]

writing dystopias

Writing Dystopias

No, I haven’t been inactive on YouTube these past couple of months. Yes, I’ve been pretty busy with new responsibilities. No my videos are not coming out on Wednesday now; it’s still Monday. And yes, my posts recently have been focusing on Tale of the Nameless God. Thank you so much for asking! My Writers […]

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